About Me


Greetings! This is Audrey. I am a Dark Practitioner, teacher, spiritual counselor, and vampire minister. I am ordained and therefore able to perform legal marriages. I also am quite willing to perform handfastings, with or without legal certification, and commitment ceremonies of many intents. I have been a teacher for many years across disciplines and greatly enjoy the sharing aspect of teaching. As a counselor I focus on helping people to find harmony with their nature and their spiritual needs, and finding their personal spiritual path and expression.

I am a writer, artist, designer, and creator who is always involved in finding the most effective expression for my ideas. I have studied Tarot since I was a child; I continue to research the history, evolution and various incarnations of the art of Tarot. I own more decks than I can count, (over 50!) and I am always discovering something new. I have studied and continue to study many different metaphysical approaches from the completely esoteric to the harshly scientific and I find validity in all approaches. My work as a counselor blends my metaphysical studies and my extensive psychology background as well as my belief that counseling needs to approach the source of pain and confusion and not attack the person for being less than cookie cutter “normal”.


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