Information and Ministry

Services available: All services are tailored to the clients’ preference and spiritual path. Any service can be done to include all faiths (level 1, family safe), be respectful but not all inclusive (level 2, half-way), or be entirely of the path desired (level 3, all in!).

Weddings: I am ordained and able to perform legal weddings and handfast weddings. I also perform symbolic joinings of any sort. Contact me for details and pricing.

Commitment Ceremonies: Any joining or commitment ceremony without the legal worries. These are sacred contracts among the participants.

Blessings: Of any kind for any purpose.

Home Blessings: For a new home or a renovated home.

Home Clearings: To clean out after an upheaval or great change.

Baby Blessings: Before or after birth.

Baby Namings: For private or community

Funerals: Of any path.

Unjoinings/ Releases: Ceremonial breaking with the past.

Banishings: These do require approval.


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